How ForeGolf Connected the Dots

Hello – My name is Bill Baraban and I am Vice President of Teaching Academies for our company ForeGolf.  We are very interested in hearing from all golfers about topics related to golf technology.  We have learned a lot, but there is so much more out there to learn and try to understand.  We want to talk about anything from Spin Rates, Launch Angles, Angle of Attack, Ball Fitting, Wedge Fitting, Putter Fitting, Turf, Netting, Cameras to Teaching Methodologies.  Before we begin our discussions, I would like to talk about ForeGolf and how we “Connected the Dots” to become a company over a year and a half ago.

Like so many other Americans, I and almost the entire corporate office of my previous company were negatively affected by the economy.  So off I was to the PGA Merchandise show to network with my fellow professionals and to continue a quest that I started back in 2002.  That quest was to be part of the best indoor club fitting , teaching and coaching facilities in the United States.  I believed that I was on my way until the economy flattened, but that story is for another time and place.
So here I was spending some time at a simulator company’s booth at the PGA Show, when I was introduced to a couple of interesting academics, Erik Lugris and Fred Augenstein.  Well we spent a good hour or two talking about our aspirations and the many possibilities to “Live our Golf Dream”.  Now each of our dreams was very different from one another, but what was clear was that we were on parallel paths and needed each other’s expertise to succeed.  It didn’t happen right away, but about 6 months later I get a call from Erik and Fred to visit the start of their dream in Vero Beach, Fl.

They had built a wonderful little “Simulator Cave” complete with three simulators, comfortable couches and a relaxing atmosphere.  You wouldn’t believe that was what was inside this building as you drove up, but here they were starting to live their dream and I was invited to play along.  Needless to say, we began sharing our golf passions, visions and dreams of what could be.  It was apparent to us that we needed a leader to help reel this group of dreamers in and put words into action.  With that goal, I introduced the Founder of the PGA Tour Superstores and my mentor, Mr. Bill Hamlin, to my new partners.   Being a visionary himself, both with the Superstores and with Home Depot, Bill knew how to reign in big dreamers and make big things happen and happen they did.

Along with the introduction of Bill Hamlin, came Erik’s entourage of talented people to become a multi-faceted company.  People like Mary Lugris our CFO, Ryan Sittler VP of Business Development and his incredible contacts, John Keating – Vice President of Sales, Michael Plopper our Tech Expert, John Pelerossi – Graphics Developer, Dan Egan – Creative Consultant, John Auger & Marty Rasmussen our company glue and Chief Builders, add to this list of experts our team of Product Developers and you have the foundation of our Company.

The ForeGolf Company is here to help you enjoy your passion and “Live your Golf Dream”.  We understand you, because we are you!

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